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Back again!

Now, last month was a little quiet—there were only four submissions, with one being ineligible to win. That being said, the submissions this month were absolutely brilliant. We loved reading them, and had fun discussing the highlights.

In This House, for instance, is the first story by new user Sheeleya. The descriptions in this story were just—ugh—superb, and really made this story a fun and interesting read. There were a few technical errors, but those really were only minor. The one thing we noticed was that it was somewhat difficult to feel the theme of this month—closure—and the story did't seem to come to life as much. We would have loved to see more emotion when it came to the characters' thoughts and feelings.

A Final Goodbye was just... wow. If anyone ever has any questions regarding 'how do I follow the prompt', look no further than this story. Everything was perfectly believable, and even without knowing the character's past, we really connected with her and her loss. Of course, there was a slight cliché-ness, but due to the subject matter, it was almost expected—and it certainly wasn't detrimental to the chapter at all. It worked perfectly for both plot and character.

The winner for this round, though, is Kyoshidude and his fantastic chapter, Taku. What really did it for us was the way Kyoshidude works with the characters and emotions, instead of demanding they work for him. The lack of complete closure was refreshing, and we loved how the attempt was made by the character, but he himself was unable to feel better from it. Plus, Kyoshidude's writing always impresses us ^^;

Thank you to everyone who participated. It may have been small this month, but the submissions were just as (if not more) impressive as ever! For Sheeleya and Bomoochu, you can add the {{FBParticipate|round|fanon|type}} template. Just change 'round' to 'round 4', 'fanon' to your fanon's name, and 'type' with whether it was a one-shot or chapter!

Kyoshidude can use the winner's template, {{FBWinner|round|fanon|type}}, which works in exactly the same way.

Onto the next contest! Once again, we've chosen a character-related prompt, if only because they're so universal. Perhaps next month we'll try something different, yah? This round will go from August 1 - 24, and we want you to develop the relationship between two or more characters. This can be anything from friendship to enemies, love and romance. You can also explore the relationship between a brother and sister, or mother-daughter. Any type of relationship is acceptable.

As ever, we hope you enjoyed this round, and we look forward to the next lot of submissions!

~The Fanonbenders


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