100px This is an official writing competition of the Fanonbenders! We hope you have fun participating!

After a very long hiatus, we're back with a new contest! Huzzah!

Now, for those of you who entered round 7, we haven't quite finished looking at them and deciding on a winner. This is due mostly because we're very slow and have been busy, but now with the addition of a new member, we have to just have a quick look over them and make sure he agrees.

So, because it's getting into the month, we thought we'd publish the next prompt and then update the post when the results are out.

So, it's December. Next month is January—the start of a new year and time to forget the guilt about completing none of your resolutions from 1/1/2014. The prompt here is more closely related to the xmas spirit, but you know... non-denominational.

"Have one character give another a present. It has to be for some kind of special occasion."

Now, of course, that special occasion could be a birthday, anniversary, Christmas, funeral, bring-your-dad-to-school-day, a mugging, an explosion, a hijacking gone wrong.

Basically, an occasion that happens to be special for some reason.

And that's pretty much it. You have until the January 4th for this because who wants to be judging stories in the drunken haze of a week between Christmas and New Years? ^^" Also, family and stuff....

We apologise for being late, and thank you all for your patience. Good luck this month!

~The Fanonbenders


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