100px This is an official writing competition of the Fanonbenders! We hope you have fun participating!

Not as long a break this time! Huzzah!

One minor note before we get into the contest results: it's been decided that one fanonbender (as there are only three of us) are allowed to participate each month. This gives us a chance to try and win, too! Also, means that people who want to join the fanonbenders but also want to participate can do so as well. Yay!

Okay, so, the results. OR and ARG actually had a discussion without me due to a bit of confusion, but we all got together in the end and decided unanimously that Sparkstoaflame had wowed us once again with her story, Speak What Your Heart Wants You To. This completely

Baby Blues, by MarblesG, managed to grab second place. It was a fun piece that looked at PPD/PND regarding Suyin (actually, a lot of the stories this time had Suyin in it...) and MarblesG did a wonderful job. The writing was slightly choppy, but nothing that wasn't overcome by the rest of the piece (ie. it was really really good!).

Bomochu struck third place with his Prisons of Wood and Hearts of Platinum, which was a rather fun read. Our only pickle with it was that we could see the emotion, we just couldn't feel it (like watching a child scream for a lolly in the supermarket). Other than that, it was a great read. Nice job!

Congratulations everyone! Hopefully it was just as fun to write as it was to read :D

Now, due to last month's contest having only one-shots submitted, the next prompt is designed for that style; however, I'm sure you clever people could find a way to use it as a chapter, if you so choose. The prompt is 'write in the second-person', and for those of you who have never done it, let me tell you that is seems a lot harder than it is. The second-person isn't used often because it depends on the second-person pronoun: 'you'. You did this, you felt that. Good luck, ad if you have questions, just contact us in the comments.

This one will be due on January 26th, and hopefully, we'll start getting more regular with our postings.

Good luck, and have fun!

~The Fanonbenders


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